Goddesses in the Park

Exhibition Goddesses in the Park at the Brotfabrik Gallery

Vernissage on Saturday 20 November 2021 from 6.00 p.m.
Exhibition duration: until 4 January 2022
Solo exhibition of our current works
(invitation follows)

Our exhibition shows a selection of works from the last two years. In them, women play a dominant role. Whether visible as a subject in the painting or whether the art emerges from the female gaze. Our wish is to show the female perspective on the world as a natural one. Just as our women fill the space with warmth, peace and inviting atmosphere, as they are in relationship with each other and with us viewers - so too, for example, our vases are not so much still lifes, but fill the picture plane with volume, explosion of colour and lush botany. Bowls and birds fill the emptiness, a wave foams in. Everything is there, everything is alive.